Patient Feedback

Lucille M.:  "I am satisfied with the courteous and kind treatment of the staff at the office. when i was in excruciating pain and came in (without an appointment) the nurse, technician & doctor saw me immediately and took care of my tooth. I went home feeling much better. I must say the cost was extremely high, i did not expect to pay so much. Dr. Shanock told me the doctor would give me a discount, nevertheless, I thank all of the staff for their excellent care in treating me. The staff is kind and courteous."

Leonor A. : "MD did excellent work on my root canal. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Dr. Chassen and staff."

Geraldine T. : "My experience was great. I was taken care of with great ease and the staff was very pleasant."

Sarah E. : "Most pleasant root canal ever, painless and quick. Staff and doctor very friendly, caring and thorough. An absolute pleasure. If i ever need another procedure i will be coming there."

B. Cherubini MD: "Great experience! Best place ever to be treated for dental problem beautiful location/place. Nice view while you are getting treatment. Lovely staff, very, very, very professional. Nice Services. Thank you everybody for your kindness! :)"

Janice B. : "I really appreciated the dentist and staff. I am as so many others are, scared of dentists however,my visit to your office was not in the least "scary". There also was minimal pain. If all dentists were like the dentists here there'd be more smiles! Thank You!"

Diana J. - : "It was an awesome experience; loved the state of the art treatment room(s)."

Toula B.- : "Much easier than I thought it would be, likely due to the experience of the doctor."

Michael S. : "The doctor and staff were all wonderful."

Samuel G. : "Great team, great work. Thank You!"

Evelyn S. : "Dr. Chassen God Bless You! Many! Many! Many! Blessings! Your're professionalism, how you handle the procedure is incredible! I had fear! Hearing the drilling and was waiting for the unexpected which was an amazing experience! Thank You! I will make referrals to you. Your staff is great!! You're practice should be a "poster" Dr. Chassen has "hands from the heavens"! " 

Hilda G. : "Service was great!" 

Caroline M. : "Outstanding office with state of the art equipment procedures are performed with very little to no discomfort in the quickest time."

James G. : "Excellent treatment by doctors and staff"

Olga T. : "Would recommend this doctor to anybody who needs to do this procedure." 

Leandra V. : " Dr. Weiss' chair side manner, quickness and approach is definitely the best I've encountered during this experience of root canals! Love him!"

Frank S. : " Highly Recommended!" 

Concetta L.: "I was very pleased with the Doctor & staff." 

Toni B. : "Fantastic office!! Doctor & staff "the best!" "

Ethel R. : "Procedure (root canal) was painless. Dr. Chassen and staff are kind and compassionate."

John M. : "Went Great!"